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Becoming a Linkedin influencer in 2021

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Become a LinkedIn influencer: things you need to know (2021)
LinkedIn audience
How can you become a LinkedIn influencer?

Is becoming a LinkedIn influencer advisable? How challenging is it to establish yourself as an influencer on LinkedIn? If you have these questions in your mind, you are at the right place, and below we will answer these queries along with other vital info about the subject matter.

Who are influencers?

An influencer is a reputable person who has some sort of knowledge, skills, or experience, and because of that, people follow them and their advice, says Closely .

As for marketing, an influencer is someone who has the ability to influence the decisions of users. Influencer marketing is effective and quite popular. Besides, many famous brands are using this marketing strategy.

What about LinkedIn? 

You will find many amazing and new professional opportunities for your business to shine and stand above the rest if you know how to create your own brand on LinkedIn. 

Being a LinkedIn influencer means you receive endorsement from others automatically on the platform, and it enhances your brand’s image , engagement, and above all, conversion rates.

However, the LinkedIn audience is not like others, and there are certain rules to become a LinkedIn influencer. If you don’t, you might suffer from a ban.

Become a LinkedIn influencer: things you need to know (2021)

Being a LinkedIn influencer means you need to establish yourself as an expert. LinkedIn allows you to gain credibility after you start gaining other’s attention. This also increases your SSI, and you can provoke industry-related debates.

LinkedIn actually has its own influencers — the Top Voice List .

However, getting into the list is not that simple and takes years to get into LinkedIn’s influencer program. However, you can become an unofficial leader or an influencer in your specific industry.

If done correctly, becoming a LinkedIn influencer gives you:

  • A boost in your brand’s image.

  • Enhanced engagement and conversions.

  • New business leads acquisition and nurturing.

LinkedIn audience

The LinkedIn audience is a completely changed world. What works for other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook does not applies to LinkedIn.

People don’t care about your products on LinkedIn :   Posts that have product details, promotions, and news belong to the business’s page.   If you want to gain followers just by pitching your product, you are on the wrong path from the start.

Say no to self-promotion:  No one will appreciate it if you include your company’s link in the comments.

LinkedIn is a professional and social network:  Serving others and being selfless gets compensated than those who showcase their achievements and promote your products here and there. 

How can you become a LinkedIn influencer?

Here are some things to remember if you want to become an influencer on LinkedIn:

Clearly define your goals:

If you don’t have a defined purpose, you are just wasting your time. Establishing yourself as an expert or leader requires a lot of your precious time and effort, so the results should be worthy enough.

Similarly, do you want to boost your brand awareness or bring organic traffic to your business website ?

Whatever the reason is, by having a clear and defined purpose, you know what you’re doing and why you are doing it.

Define performance metrics

How will you measure your performance?

  • Engagement rate

  • Response rate

  • Number of followers

  • Comments

  • SQL

  • Website traffic

Defined metrics to measure your performance will help you in understanding whether it’s worth investing your efforts and time in creating your personal brand.

It’s all about authenticity.

Any success as an influencer or leader happens not because you have the best tools or you are testing the latest marketing tactic . It mainly depends on your personality.

The most efficient way to remain authentic is to know what you are talking about and how you tell it in your own words.

Pick a niche & shape your USP

If you want to develop a personal brand, it needs to be different and unique. First, determine your specific niche. Or you can write about anything that excites you, but it should be relevant or related to your main field.

Polish your LinkedIn profile 

An attractive title, catchy headline, and summary are a few things that reflect professionalism. Your whole LinkedIn profile should highlight your skills and knowledge in an appealing and appropriate way to others.

Share your experience to help others:

A thought leader in a specific niche shares organic content with their audience and other users on the platform.

LinkedIn regards influencers and thought leaders who spark conversations and comments. Such leaders enjoy organic virality on LinkedIn as a reward.

Now you will be thinking how to create engaging content that receives a lot of comments?

Below are some topics for you:

  • Latest industry trends

  • Innovations

  • How-to blog posts

  • Daily hacks

  • Surveys

Surveys work flawlessly as they motivate the users to take part in the discussion. Above all, users are excited to see the final results. Similarly, most people love to know other’s opinions about the same issue. And LinkedIn is the ideal place for such interactions.

Keep in mind that most of us like a fresh look even at old things. So, here are some vital rules to follow:

  • The key is consistency.

  • Post at least once in 2 days.

  • Use relevant hashtags

  • Each of your posts should contain ten relevant hashtags.

  • Results measurement

If you post regularly, you can easily identify which type of content your audience loves. However, you cannot use these details as a tool to “please your target audience,” but it provides you a clear picture of whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

Furthermore, if you observe plenty of user engagement on your post, then everything is good. If users don’t interact with your content, you need to learn about your audience, improve your content’s quality .

Connect with others heartily but not blindly:

Adding people blindly on LinkedIn will increase your profile’s rejection rate. That’s why working on your connection messages is vital, and in worst cases, your account can be banned or lead you to LinkedIn Jail.

The point here is to connect with people who like your posts. Don’t go for quantity when adding people on LinkedIn, as it will make things worse for you, and your homepage will look like a big mess.

Comment but ensure that they are valuable ones:

Plenty of engagements on LinkedIn comes from other LinkedIn users. However, you cannot just drop your company’s page link or name in the comments section as LinkedIn will count them as spam , and such comments will be useless.

Comment on relevant posts, when you have meaningful things to say, and when you can really help others.

Go beyond one channel.

Developing your personal brand is a lengthy process, and it is geared towards other channels. So, share all the posts that you have written for other platforms and add a few words to inspire others to review them.

Don’t do what you don’t like:

It is very tempting to share or like more posts just to get viewed by others. However, liking posts without understanding them is difficult and needs your time, and sometimes it is a worthless business.

Instead, focus on users who share valuable things. By doing so, you can save your time and no more impractical and irrelevant content.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a LinkedIn influencer takes time, and you should strategically project your true image to others and your target audience. It doesn’t mean that you showcase what you are not.

The whole process requires consistency and commitment. However, in this modern era of creators and peer-to-peer advertising , developing your personal brand on LinkedIn has become necessary and somewhat compulsory.